Model of excelllence

KMER’s work helps to create sound healthcare ecosystems for the people of today and tomorrow; the relationships KMER is building today is meant to last for many years to come. As a leading medical distributor in the region we have an unique approach on how we structure our teams

The KMER approach to building high-performing teams that excels in delivering value for both clients and customers institutes in our ability to combine a high level of operational execution, expertise and insights in the fields we operate in, sound strategy and not least – a bit of creativity.

The typical KMER leadership team of a distribution set-up constitutes of a Senior Partner from KMER with 10+ years of experience in the sector we look into. Furthermore, one to two Engagement Directors are connected with the specialty of distribution and sales combined with knowledge experts. Furthermore, at least one Industry Advisors is connected early in the process. The Engagement Directors take early lead on projects and act as project coordinators while the Senior Partner and Industry Advisors provide with expertise and opening doors in a relation-driven economy.

For hospitals

Imagine if your distributors weren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet but real people who you engage with on an ongoing basis, collecting feedback that grows more meaningful over time. Real people, higher response rates, actionable insight. Not only that, but also have the highest level of executional excellence in all endeavours

Our firm at a glance

The KMER Medical Equipment Trading Company is a rising healthcare distribution company in UAE that provides a wide range of distribution services to leading medical equipment manufacturers and pharma companies. Founded in 2017, the firm is headquartered in Dubai and maintains a strong presence in all seven emirates.